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Review the following course management services that SGMI will tailor to meet your specific needs to establish a mutually beneficial relationship for
Course Maintenance Service:

· Management Plan
· Agronomic Guidelines
· Greens
· Tee Complexes
· Fairways and Roughs
· Landscape Areas
· Trees o Irrigation o Sand Traps
· Golf Course Supplies

Management Plan.

  • SGMI will furnish a competent and qualified labor force, technical staff, material, and supplies required to service all golf maintenance operations including: agronomic care, pest management, irrigation, equipment maintenance and management.
  • SGMI will comply with all license and permit requirements of local, state and federal agencies and will assume responsibility for the cost of same, as related to the golf course operation and maintenance.
  • SGMI will select, train and supervise all personnel in connection with the performance of this Management Plan, complying with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements related to that personnel.
  • SGMI will work closely with your Golf Club staff to coordinate and lend specialized assistance in preparation for and during major club sponsored golf tournaments and other golf outings.
  • SGMI will provide monthly updates to the management of Golf Club regarding the condition of the golf course, specific maintenance programs and other similar issues.
  • SGMI's Golf Course Superintendent is our on-site representative and will be on call 24 hours a day. He will attend and represent SGMI at regularly scheduled meetings of the management. Other SGMI personnel will visit your Golf Club on a regular basis and can meet with management on request.

Agronomic Guidelines.

  • The work includes the maintenance of grass on greens, tees, fairways, roughs, sand traps, driving range, and maintenance of shrubs and landscaping on the course.
  • The frequencies and quantities presented here are intended to be utilized as a guideline for maintenance functions. Recognizing that many factors contribute to required frequencies and quantities, these are designed to be guidelines to achieve a desired level of high quality turf, as conditions permit.


  • Mowing to a height conducive to maintain healthy turf.
  • Direction of cut will be altered with each mowing.
  • Cup location will be changed.
  • Ball marks to be repaired.
  • Aerification will be based on good agronomic practice to relieve compaction and promote strong healthy turf.
  • Top dressing will be done after all aerification and as needed to maintain a smooth putting surface.
  • Verticutting will be performed as needed to stimulate healthy turf.
  • Spiking will be performed as needed to promote good water percolation and to avoid algae build up.
  • Fertilization of greens will be based on good agronomic practice to promote optimum leaf and root growth.
  • Fungicide will be applied according to good agronomic practices to prevent fungus and algae activity.
  • Herbicides will be used to insure proper weed control.
  • Insecticides will be used to control insect activity. (back)

Tee Complexes.

  • All tees will be mowed at an appropriate height as required in accordance with the highest standards in the industry.
  • Tee markers will be relocated on a regular basis. Trash containers and boll washer will be maintained.
  • Divots and turf damage will be repaired on a regular basis.
  • All tees will be top-dressed as required, in accordance with the highest standards in the industry.
  • Herbicides will be used as required to insure proper weed control.
  • Aerification will be done as required according to the highest standards in the industry.
  • Verticutting will be done to maintain a healthy, vigorous turf.
  • Fertilization of tees will be based on good agronomic practice to promote optimum leaf and root growth.

Fairways And Roughs.

  • Mowing of fairways and roughs will be at a frequency to maintain an appropriate fairway and rough height in accordance with your Golf Club's desires.
  • Aerification and Verticutting will be done to reduce compaction and promote healthy turf.
  • Fertilization will be based on good agronomic practice to promote optimum leaf and root growth.
  • Herbicides and Insecticides will be applied to insure proper weed and insect control.

Landscape Areas.

  • Clean-up of all areas as defined, they will be maintained free of trash and debris.
  • All established non-bermuda areas will be mowed and neatly trimmed to maintain a quality appearance.
  • Plant beds will be maintained free of weeds and grass through mechanical or chemical means.
  • Trimming of plant material (shrubbery, and ground covers) will be done as necessary to maintain quality, healthy plants.
  • Replacement of plant material will be done in accordance with budget requirements.
  • Flowers and annual beds will be maintained and replaced to provide a healthy, beautiful environment.

Trees o Irrigation o Sand Traps

  • Trees will be staked (as required), lightly pruned, fertilized, and irrigated to maintain and promote strong and healthy growth.
  • Irrigation maintenance and service will be provided as required, including repair of heads, valves, controllers, wiring, and pipe to properly operate the entire golf course system on an ongoing basis.
  • All sand traps will be maintained and raked to a neat, playable condition. All trap edges will be trimmed to maintain the architectural definition and shape of the trap.

Golf Course Supplies.

  • SGMI will maintain all tee signs, tee markers, water coolers, etc., and replace flags as needed to maintain a neat and quality golf environment.

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