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SGMI offers a variety of services, such as construction supervision, coordinating architects, contractors, permitting and engineering, turfgrass selection, irrigation design and installation, grow-in as well as on-going maintenance and conditioning of turfgrass facilities.

Each of our principles has over 25 years of Florida golf course development experience. Whether you have an existing golf course or are developing a new one, we offer a "one stop shopping" approach to golf course construction. One extremely knowledgeable group of people who can coordinate the entire project and ensure a success!

Following is an overview of the services that can be tailored to your specific project:

  • On-site construction management, acting as liason between the owner, the golf course architect and the golf course construction company.
  • Help owner and engineer to secure all permits necessary for construction.
  • Establish schedules and timelines for completion of each task in the construction phase.
  • Meet with contractor representative on regular basis to review the schedule and work.
  • Coordinate regular walk through with golf course architect and contractor to insure a smooth construction process.
  • Work closely with contractor to expedite any needs they may have to keep work on schedule.
  • Coordinate with local utility agencies as required.
  • Provide owner with updates and reports on a regular basis.
  • Oversee that the contractor provides all tests on materials as required by architectural specification and that all appropriate "as builts" are completed prior to final payment.
  • Review and approve, with architect, all progress payments for construction and forward to owner.
  • Coordinate final walk through inspection with architect and contractor.
  • Insure all items required by contractor have been met.
  • On-site supervision as required to insure the job runs smoothly.

Optional Grow-In Package:

  • Through final five to six months develop maintenance staff to insure smooth transition to "grow-in" process.
  • Develop budgets for "grow-in," along with equipment lists needs and full maintenance schedule.

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